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My name is Ryan. I started off like many kids, having a fascination with prehistoric animals, reading all the books and playing with all the toys. This passion has enriched my life and I'm not sure where I would be without it. It is that kind of passion that I would like to see shine in others, which is why I started Dino-gen.

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My Story

When I was 3 years old, I stood in the Hinzte Hall of the Natural History Museum of London and stated, loud and proud, 'I'm going to walk in here one day and they'll say to me "good morning Dr Hughes"'. Little did I know what kind of journey I would need to take before that. 

As I grew up, this dream became more and more faded. I hit my teenage years thinking that it was a silly kid's dream and that I would end up getting a 'normal job'. Get a 'normal job' is exactly what I did. Then another...then another...then another. I was unfulfilled, unhappy and didn't know where my future was headed. My passion continued into my adult life, but it became bittersweet. What was my muse and escape had also become a constant reminder of what I wasn't.

It took broken relationships, near homelessness, tears on my lunch breaks and evenings spent in a very dark place for me to realise that I not only deserved my dreams, but I also owed them to myself. One degree and a whole lot of hard work later, I'm not only incredibly close to fulfilling what I prophesised when I was 3, but I also have Dino-gen.

I started Dino-gen for one simple reason: I wanted to spend my working week sharing and expanding my passion for paleontology. I want to educate others, big and small, old and young. Most of all, I want others to realise how much of our lives is taken up by a job, so why should they hate it? 

Your passion may not lie in natural history, or even in science, but this does serve as a good gateway and inspiration into finding your passion, realising those silly dreams you had as a kid are within a closer reach than you think and finally doing what you love.

In the meantime, shall we talk about dinosaurs?


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