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Triceratops fossil

Welcome to Dino-gen. My name is Ryan and I am a palaeontologist. I started Dino-gen for the simple reason that discovering the world that existed before us is my passion, a passion I wish to share. 

We often see prehistoric worlds represented in media and it captures our imagination, however, it can be easy to forget that these worlds actually existed for timespans beyond our comprehension, possibly being even stranger than we think!

Here at Dino-gen, you'll find detailed blog-posts discussing worlds before us, our present day and even what the future may hold. Here you'll find all the knowledge you can think of and more on dinosaurs, fossils paleontology and geology! Products and event details will also be coming soon!

I truly can't wait for this journey with you.

Dino-gen has been created with the soul purpose of spreading the joy and wonder of natural history. Here is a place to explore and discover, whether you are a hobbyist or are looking into a career in palaeontology. We have a dedicated blog-spot for learning and news stories, so explore away!

Have a browse through some of Dino-gen's products, including mugs, apparel, art prints and fossil replicas!



T-rex fossil
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